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Most of our clients have the same questions about getting cosmetic surgery abroad. Here are the answers to some of those frequently asked Qs. If you still have concerns or want to comment, send us a personal message on our Contact page.

Is it safe? Are the physicians qualified?


Yes, it's safe! The physicians in our network are among the most qualified in their field. They trained alongside plastic surgeons who are practicing in the United States. Some of them have chosen to practice in the Dominican Republic because it's their native country and/or they want to offer their services for far less than they could in the United States. That benefits you!

Can I Use My Insurance? How affordable is it?

Although most insurance companies do NOT cover the cost of elective surgery, there are companies that offer cosmetic surgery financing. Through these special programs, clients can secure loans to cover any cosmetic surgery by any doctor of their choice. Still some cosmetic surgery might be covered if it is needed due to say reconstructive surgery because of massive injuries in a collision or fire. So consult with your insurance administrator our facilitators before acquiring a loan you might not need.

Are patients available for me to contact as referrals?
Previous cosmetic surgery patients have a right to their privacy. It's up to the individual to disclose their medical history. Some of our previous patients have agreed to have their "before and after" pictures used for marketing purposes. Our medical team is available for a Skype interview before your medical procedure to answer any of your questions. 


What about after-care from my home? How soon can I travel?
Post operative instructions are included in the cost of your custom-designed package. Every patient is advised against strenuous travel for at least 48 hours after their completion of their medical procedure. A minimum 5 days 4 nights stay at an all inclusive resort, with concierge service, also is included in the cost of your medical tourism package. Since you're here you might as well enjoy yourself!

Is there a payment plan? How cheap is it?


We can create a payment plan to fit your budget. The final payment must be received before the procedure is done.

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